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Please Sir, I Want S'more Recipe

This was a smash delicious hit at work! It's simple and oh sooo yummy.
1.5 cup chocolate chips
14oz can of condensed milk
1 jar marshmallow fluff 
1/4 cup of cream

Bring everything up to temp together.  If you add the milk and cream after the chocolate is melted there is more of a chance that it will clump and you will definitely need a new batch of chocolate.  After this mixture is melted just dollop the marshmallow cream on top and stir.

A lot of recipes online don't call for the extra cream.  I knew that since I would be at work I wouldn't be able to serve it warm, so to ensure that it was a "dip" the extra cream kept it loose and spreadable.  It worked like a charm.  I am also a huuuuuge fluff fan, so 1 jar instead of the normal 1/2 a cup kept the mixture smooth and not overly chocolatey (it's suuuuuuper chocolatey don't worry).  You guys know me and my sprinkles, sprinkle away and serve with graham cracker sticks.  So good !! 

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  1. Oh yum!! I might try to make this when my work has it's next pot luck, it sounds perfect!