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Love List

caramel apple cheesecake bars.  seriously ? link
some different feminine ideas for sweaters.  love this bow.  link
cyclop street art thumb Cyklop artifies street poles
 French street artist Cyklop's polls link
diy instructions for a starfish cuff!!! must do. lots of other great diy ideas too link
I have never seen Bambi but I imagine it's like this... so many adorable pics on this site link
ruffled streamers.  how perfect is that?  link

make yourself a cake stand, great directions ! link
decoration bottles diy17 Impressive DIY Ideas With Empty Bottles
oh lots of ideas for all those spare wine bottles.  link
this is probably for Easter but the people in this blog look like they are having so much fun ! check it out link
tim burton pokemons 6 Pokemon As Tim Burton Characters
pokemon as tim burton characters! these are pretty amazing.  link
woah this appeals  ! link
Spoon-billed Sandpiper
oh my goodness pet time ! minus the persons finger link
faux oxfords ! imagine the color combination possibilities diy.  link
this is just perfect.  i wish i could paint with water colors.  link


  1. oh my god those ice caves literally took my breath away. now i'm just drooling over that link you attached with it- i think im quitting my job tomorrow and just going traveling for a decade!

    1. agh me too! i think we all need a goal to have a job that we don't have to quit to go travel !

  2. I never thought baby skunks could be so cute! That's so adorable. Those cyclops polls are so awesome too.

  3. My friend lived in Iceland and she always tells me crazy stories about the incredible things they have there.
    I can't believe you've never seen bambi!

    1. Ha Bambi came back out in theaters at the same time Die Hard came out. My dad convinced my mom that seeing a mother deer die would be too traumatic for me and that I wouldn't understand Die Hard .... I am still terrified of stepping on glass haha.

  4. Iceland has been a dream vacation for sooo long, so many things to see!

  5. I love your love lists! They're like inspiration posts!