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Spiced Up

Wooo after a little pressure from some coworkers, it was declared bake day. I think I was duped but at least we ended up with this right? This is an easy, easy cake that looks difficult and tastes delicious despite the amount of effort (or lack there of) that you put into it.

boxed spice cake
cream cheese frosting
jarred caramel

Make the cake exactly as the box says to make it. I made a 2 layer cake. On each layer poke a bunch of holes and drizzle jarred caramel over it. The caramel will soak into the holes and make the cake moist ! Don't worry it won't make it soggy at all.  Frost between layers. Then drizzle caramel all over the top.

Create a sugar sculpture by heating sugar up in a pan. Be very careful!! Don't use any water or anything just let it melt; do this on no higher than medium. Don't stir the sugar till it starts to melt, start to mix and let boil till it gets a nice caramel color. Pour onto a sheet pan lined with tin foil to cool.

Unfortunately I don't have a covered cake tray, so I ended up making a bunch of what tasted exactly like brittle and sticking it randomly in the cake. I kind of like the crystal like appearance of it. Of course you can do the fancy version too!! This cake tasted amazing with the extra umph of caramel and brittle it seemed more special too.  No one has to know how easy it was! Also I wouldn't suggest making this for less than 6 people because you will eat it all. Enjoy!


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    1. you have no idea it turned out a million times better than expected with all the goop !!