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Sock Bun and Glitter Ears

Outfit Details:
dress: lux from Urban Outfitter / leggings: Target / shoes: ASH from Neiman Marcus Last Call / bunny ring / H&M / earrings: diy by me link

Ha ! The one thing I don't have any shortage of is black clothing.  For some reason I just gravitate to it like flies to honey.  Maybe it's because I am pale and a lot of colors tend to wash me out... I am really not sure.  Either way, this whole outfit is made out of stretch cotton, aside from the suede boots ($75 on sale from $375 thanks Neiman Marcus Last Call).  We don't have to say how ridiculously comfy I was today.   To do my hair I used a foamy circular thing from H&M.  I would say it was their version of what you can make out of a sock for a sock bun. 

Is there a new trend that you are loving right now?  Sock buns ... well they use to be tacky but now they almost feel chic.  I am so glad I utilized a 90's trend that I shunned in the past.  Ha.