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Love List

French Dip Crescents
This recipe !
A Canopy of Colorful Umbrellas Spotted in Portugal umbrellas Portugal installation
Umbrella walkway in Portugal link
The Chromatic Typewriter typewriters art
Oh I want one of these !!! link painting type writer.
Mirta jewelry picture from miss moss missmoss
Then there was the mouse who climbed to the summit of a dandelion just because it was there.
from "the 50 cutest things to ever happy" i suggest looking at all of them link
Grocery shopping is only for the strong:
Every time I bring home groceries


  1. Aw, I'm going to the Oregon coast this weekend to watch a meteor shower! I love the coast so much.

    and ahhh Dunkaroos, I actually saw those in a store this weekend and then my head exploded because I had no idea they still made them!

  2. okay number 2...I so do that every time I bring home groceries too. I hate making more than 1 trip haha. I use to loooovvee dunkaroos!!! and that cartoon sculpture omigawd! amazing! and the little baby rat! aahhh want him!