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Little Flowers

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dress: Talbots / belt: Thrifted / necklace: Thrifted / bracelet: Thrifted / shoes: Me Too

I have some beef right now with the clothing industry.  It is true that my shape has fluctuated through out the years, of course whose hasn't?  There is such a crazy emphasis and importance on size in this country that it is just sickening.  It is being proliferated in every single aspects of our lives... commercials, people, clothes.  Point in case, my boobs have gotten bigger and my feet have gotten smaller.  These are things that should not really change in size until you are prego.

When I was in high school, I absolutely could not find shoes that fit.  I was a size 11+ in any dress or casual shoe.  In athletic shoes I actually had to buy men's shoes.  This of course is until recently where now I can buy 10s easily.  Not only can I buy 10's but I can fit into 9 1/2s as well.  What the hell is that?

I don't care what size I am.  I don't care what size I have to buy.  But it would be nice if I could know which size rack to look at when trying to run in and out of stores.  

Anyone else experiencing this completely ridiculous sizing change recently?


  1. you look fabulous! love that dress!

  2. You're always so cute but I love this look on you too! Something about pink and pearls always gets my attention. Maybe because of Pretty In Pink...always a favorite.

    My husband was thrifting with me the other day and became super confused why women have so many different ways to size clothes (American, Euro, S-XL, Plus, Petite, Short, Long)...whereas men have about 2. I proceed to tell him that I'm a 12 in Anne Taylor, a 14 in Old Navy, an 16 in Gap, an 18 in Banana Republic and invisible in most Modcloth styles. Like I said, he was very am I. :/

  3. 1. Yes! Totally love her blog, and think it's amazing how many women are getting involved and PROUD. Makes my heart happy. 2. Can't agree more. Yesterday I wore a skirt that was amrked size 10, today I am wearing jeans marked size 4. The crazy sizing is bullshit and I am over it. Also you look amazing in that dress and it's adorable. First time here. :) I think you've got a new reader! ;)

  4. Yes! Thank you!
    Size is irrelevant. I own a size 0 pant that fits me, I also own a size 9 pant that fits me. If that doesn't tell you that sizes are just numbers that mean nothing, I don't know what will.

    I've noticed that about shoes though. I was always a 7 - 7 1/2. Ever since I was eleven (random fact: I have not grown in height or shoe size, significantly anyway, since I was eleven.), but lately I'm finding that if it's not a 6 or 6 1/2 it's too big! What?!