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Reuben love

I seriously get obsessed with food. At one point in my life I got a hot chocolate and a chocolate eclair everyday for 2 months at 7-11....gross I know haha but so good. This is my new obsession; REUBENS! Delicious perfect and just about as easy as a grilled cheese. You only need a few ingredients to cook this up at your home. I personally like it better from home because I can control the ingredients, as far as sauce goes I am an non-saucer.

ingredients: corned beef, sauerkraut, rye bread, american cheese, 1000 island dressing. 
Cut the corned beef in strips to make it easier to bite into.  Warm up with sauerkraut.  Personally I like to get a little color on the meat before I throw in the sauerkraut.
Good tip: when you are trying to make any sort of grilled cheese; microwave the cheese on the bread before you throw it in the pan.  This will keep the bread from burning and insures melty goodness.  Oh and that slightly orange-ish bread is the result of my 1000 island... like I said I am a non-saucer.
The traditional way to make a reuben includes swiss cheese, feel free but I am not a fan.  As well as being a non-saucer, I apparently am a cheese skimp!  Load it up!  I just like it this way but don't be scared to throw on the sauce and cheese.  What are your current food obsessions? Hopefully this quick easy sandwich grabs ya!


  1. I loooooove reubens! The first one I ever had was when I was a little kid and my family and I were on a train to New Orleans. Man was it tasty!

    I think I'm gonna have to get these ingredients so I can have a taste of nostalgia.

  2. Oh Cassie that is the best ! Nostalgic food yum ... I am gonna have to think of new recipes haha.