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Pho easily has to be one of my favorite meals. Definitely was not always the case though! My brother solemnly swore that even if I didn't like it at first I would find myself craving it in about 6 months. He was more than right; he was spot on.
For the Vietnamese this is a go-to for sickness, and even hangovers. The steam from the broth definitely opens up your sinuses and the broth itself rehydrates you.

Normally the broth is created with ginger, cinnamon, cloves, garlic, and fish sauce all stirred in beef or ox-tail liquid. Rare beef pho is my favorite. I season with a healthy squirt of hoisin and soy, a heaping handful of sprouts and about 1/3 of a lime.

There is also basil, and if you prefer the heat Sriracha and jalapeƱos by the plateful. If you are lucky enough to frequent a Pho restaurant that offers "Central" pho you would be a little silly not try it.

Usually it is promoted as a "spicier" version of the original. This is deceiving wording though. Does it have more of the spices? Yes. Is it actually spicy like jalapeƱos ? Absolutely not. I honestly think it is just a condensed version of the normal pho.

This central version is wonderful for those of you who might have thought the soup was a little bland. I hope this post has inspired you to try something new. Have you tried pho? What's your favorite concoction ? The possibilities are endless.

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