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I hope that no one out there suffers from migraines.  Unfortunately I am sure that at least some of you do.  After hours of enduring the feeling of small elves trying to stab my eyes and parts of my brain from the inside I got desperate; this is what I learned.  Migraines can be caused by many things.  Most commonly they are from stress, hormones, lights and food allergies (such as MSG or artificial sweeteners).  These are just a few things to do if you have the occasional migraines.

- If at all possible lie down.

- Hydrate

- Shield your eyes from light.  A sleep mask is perfect for this.

- Pull on your earlobes.   My friend was an acupuncturist ... this definitely causes relief while you are pulling.... no idea why.

-  B3 Niacin is a good vitamin to take (20mg is recommended any more can cause you to overheat). I did not have any on hand...but did have a multi-vitamin that included Niacin.

- I read that ingesting caffeine is very helpful.  Some people swear by the Monster energy drink.  This not only has caffeine but certain flavors also have Niacin.

- This is my favorite tip! DUNDUNDUN..... draw a very very very hot bath.  As hot as your feet can take.  While this is filling up get a cold press.  You will submerge your feet and use the cold press on your head, but more specifically where it is throbbing.  This redirects the blood flow in your body, constraining the blood vessels in your head and expanding them in your feet.  This definitely provides a great amount of relief. 

- If all this fails, my doctor recommended Axert to me which is a migraine medication.  I only have a sample pack.  Usually when I get a migraine I definitely take an Axert if it is available to me.

Once you do get into bed make sure and have a bucket in case you do get sick.  Getting up while being blinded with pain is never fun.

I want to stress that these are in noway cures, nor do I claim to have any medical knowledge or training.  If you feel anything out of the ordinary consult your doctor first!!!  Fortunately these tips have helped me in the past.... google away to find out more, or try   

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