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Thrifted Re-Vamp DIY

Years ago I was sooo lucky to get a pile of vintage earrings from etsy for a mere $5.00. They have been sitting in a craft drawer till now. No more of that! I also had a broken watch... Seems like the perfect recipe for a revamped vintage bracelet.

First find some sort of bracelet with a working clasp.  I used wire cutters to remove the watch portion.

These are some of those lovely earrings I bought.  Bend the clip-on portion all the way back so that the earrings lay flat.
Fit the earrings together in whichever way you would like.  If you do decide to use the clip-on portion as I did, it does add extra support to the piece.  Hot glue the pieces together.  Add a piece of felt if your bracelet has no place to attach a jump ring or something of the like.

I looove how this turned out. So relieving to finally use some things that have been sitting around for far too long. Cost is free as long as you use that junk in your drawer. Hope you enjoyed.