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Fajita obsessions for all !
As you can see here, I marinated with cumin, cayenne, garlic, soy sauce, chicken bouillon, salt, pepper kikkoman soy sauce and lemon.  I was extremely liberal with everything except for the cayenne. 
This is a great tip !!  When you are going to cut chicken do not thaw all the way.  I usually thaw about 1/3 the way,  just enough to get the knife through.  This makes for much easier handling, and keeps the chicken from sliding about your cutting board.
Mix it all up and let it marinate.  I only let mine marinate for 2 hours, which was fine... but if you have the time longer is always better.

I garnished with cheese, lettuce, some avocado, salsa and lots of sour cream (I am obsessed with sour cream). These turned out absolutely amazing!! They tasted almost like Chili's, but better and at a fraction of the cost. I even had plenty of left overs! I will definitely be making these again and soon. I hope that you enjoy as much as I did.

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