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Birch box

My friend recently told me about BirchBox.  It's a company that sends deluxe beauty samples every month for consumers to try.  It is $10.00 and you get presents every month!  You sign up for it, shipping is free.  Some of this stuff is expensive, and one sample is worth far more than the $10.00.  With any random set of things, obviously some months are going to be better than others.  For my first month though I was rather impressed, since I was needing an eye cream anyways. 

Here's what was included:
Juicy Couture perfume
ModelCo sparkle gloss
Benefit It's potent eye cream
Kerastase Nutritive Nectar Thermique Protectant
Emily's Chocolate Covered Fortune Cookies

The lip gloss alone is retailed at $16.00, the eye cream is $32.00 for .5oz and my sample is .1oz.  I am so stoked about this! I don't know if you guys are like me or not, but I often buy beauty products with the idea that I will absolutely use them nightly, religiously, like I WILL USE THIS.  Inevitably 2 days later it is in some drawer never to be thought of again.  Beauty products are expensive, and I am beyond excited to keep using BirchBox to satisfy my crazy need for revamping. 


  1. How cool!! I've always wanted to try birch box, maybe now I will.

  2. I have been with birchbox for over a year and some months are better than others. I love love love love benefit eye cream. I use it every day and it is by far my favorite!

    Take care and enjoy your box!
    Mandy Jean

  3. Awesome! I am going to check this out :] I love the Emily's Fortunes! My sister use to get me boxes of them!
    {Em ♥}