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The Hornet

The Hornet in Denver is by far one of my favorite places to dine at! With an awesome $2.00 bloody mary bar on the weekends, they encompass everything that is good about a restaurant.  My go to order is this amazing pulled pork sandwich complete with onion ring and home made bbq sauce. Their menu is eclectic and classy, with options ranging from citrus crusted salmon to a cubano melt. Crispy delicious french fries various soups and salads, this place gets my vote. Located in the historic Bakers District in Denver this place is not ignored by many loyal patrons who indulge their taste senses.  What do you look for in a restaurant?  I have noticed that if the menu doesn't describe the food well, usually it doesn't taste very good either.  Anyone else notice that?


  1. That looks delicious. And it's always quality over quantity at a restaurant for me!

  2. You are so right!! Half the time I am full after a few bites anyways... of course I keep eating. It's nice when those bites are super delicious.