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French Style

Parisian Casual

This is another French inspiration outfit.  It seems, there is just this casual elegance here.  Most people in the states would not wear glittery sequin shorts about town like it's no thang.... unless they possibly had a questionable career; here it's a different story.  If the shorts aren't skin tight and you rock them with some dark thick tights they seem casual cool.  Believe me, I witnessed it ... and I could hardly believe it myself.  Paired with the boots it gives the look some edge, and as I mentioned in the last post a French girl is rarely seen without a scarf.  Functionality is really important here; heels are a rare sighting as they aren't that handy for walking around town, catching metros, buses or riding a bike.  Most purses have a flap or a latch so that it can be secured.  Oddly enough any t-shirt seen with writing on it is written in English.  Every-one.  It makes sense I guess, since a great number of shirts at forever21 are written in French.  Definitely makes looking for a French t-shirt written in French seem pointless ! Ha.  Goodness me, I hope that I have the courage to wear a similar outfit when I get home.  Hope you enjoyed.

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