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What the French Wear

This is a compilation of what I see women in France wearing. Tights and a scarf are absolutely necessary. Usually the tights and scarf don't match. Completely up to you though. I have noticed that things are definitely more tailored and have more of a classy fit. For instance a girl might wear a skirt that is tight but with leggings; it adds a conservative air. I have not even seen cleavage once. Crazy right? I am not a fan myself so not seeing it is welcome! Shoes are comfortable but slightly stylish as well with embellishments. People are brand conscious here. Since my mom is French I know from experience that a lot of French save their money, and buy 1 very nice thing when they can afford it. Their closets are also very small so it is important to have quality over quantity. A big tote is typical to see. More common probably because at many grocery stores you have to pay for a bag if you need it. Hope you all start dressing a bit more European. Much love.